"Rent" LIVE - FOX-TV - January 27, 2019

"A Night with Janis Joplin" - LaMirada Theatre - Sept 14-Oct 7, 2018

"A Night with Janis Joplin" - Ivoryton Playhouse - May 20-June 24, 2018

"A Night with Janis Joplin" - North Carolina Theatre - 

"A Christmas Carol" (w/ Joe Spano) - Rubicon Theater - Nov. 21-Dec. 24, 2017

"Shrek" & "Newsies" at Tuacahn - St. George, Utah - May - October 2017

"A Night with Janis Joplin" - The Alley Theater - August 21-Sept 18, 2016

"A Christmas Carol" (New adaptation with Joe Spano) - Rubicon Theater - November 21-December 24, 2016

"Bumpersticker: The Musical" - Fringe Festival

"A Night with Janis Joplin" TOUR (Canada, USA) - January - April  2016

"A Christmas Carol" (New adaptation with Joe Spano) 
 Rubicon Theater - November-December 2015

"I'm Still Getting My Act Together and taking it On The Road" 
(with Gretchen Cryer) - Laguna Playhouse

"Big River" - Sacramento Music Circus 
     - June 23, 2015

"Love Loss and What I Wore" - Laguna Playhouse 
     - June 3, 2015

"Ojai Playwrights Conference" (honoring Gordon Davidson) 
     - May 2,2015

"Lonesome Traveler" - Off-Broadway  
     - 59 E59 Theater,  New York, NY - March 7, 2015 

"Lonesome Travelers recording" with George Grove (Kingston Trio)
     - January 27, 2015

​"Lonesome Travelers" in concert with George Grove (Kingston Trio)        - January 26, 2015

"Broken Bells" in concert - Orpheum Theater, LA - October 24, 2014

"Janis Joplin"

LONESOME TRAVELER -   59E59th St - Off-Broadway
     "...the fabulous Jennifer Leigh Warren..." - New York Times

     "...outstanding among the cast are Jennifer Leigh Warren, whose voice soars with the passion of blues, gospel, and an enthralling          rendition of “We Shall Overcome...” - Talkin' Broadway 

     "...Jennifer Leigh Warren often steals the show, getting big laughs in her dialogue between songs and going for the stratosphere             with her big, beautiful voice. Warren lights up the house in group numbers like “We Shall Overcome” and “This Little Light of Mine”           and skillfully explores her lower range as Odetta on “All My Trials”. Her performance alone conveys the importance of black                     women’s contribution to folk music..." - Theater Pizzazz

     " no particular order here are eight of our favorite moments from the evening:
     5. 525,600 Minutes: Jennifer Leigh Warren sang a too short, but powerful, snippet of "Seasons of Love" from Rent. - LA Times

BUDDY (The Buddy Holly Story)  -  La Mirada
    … And not only does local stage and cabaret favorite Jennifer Leigh Warren steals the show as she belts it up to the rafters       as the Apollo Singer, but you can't stop watching her even when she's in the sidelines. She just looks like she is having so       much fun up there, and the audience can't help but reciprocate.

​    ...Ms. Warren manages to play the villain of the piece as more of a misguided schemer than anything else, and that works—she takes     home the acting honors.  -

    ...Jennifer Leigh Warren was first-rate and funny as Hena who keeps trying to get the Prince for herself. -

SISTERS -  the Gardenia 
    ... Warren’s vocal versatility is amply displayed with softly introspective, rubato outings on “if I Should Lose you” and the folk ballad           “Black is the Color.” She kicks it up a notch with a wonderfully accusatory “Alfie.” She also can wail, as she proves with a driving               rendition of “Kansas City.”   - Variety 

KISMET  - Reprise!
    ...surely the best reason to see this is Jennifer Leigh Warren's gimlet-eyed Lalume, the Wazir’s wife of wives. She’s a woman of               luxury and Warren luxuriates in her deliciously and milks it for all it's worth.  - Los Angeles Times …Especially delectable is the                 chemistry between Graae (Jason) and the wonderful Jennifer Leigh Warren. Warren has a rich warm voice and knows exactly where       to place every note. She never makes the mistake of playing the voluptuary with broad comedy like Mae West but delicately teases         every erotic moment with wickedly playful humor.- Curtain Up 

HAIR  -  Reprise! 
     … in this simple, direct  lament, the character of Shelia –  wonderfully acted and soulfully sung by Jennifer Leigh Warren – begins to        mean something to us.Los Angeles Times    
     … Jennifer Leigh Warren’s “Easy to be Hard,” the greatest musical moment of the show.   - Variety 

     … when she sings “Easy to be Hard—Her glowing,  amber-colored voice gives  this heartbreaking song such a judicious, unfussy,          hard-edge that  one could cry.- KCRW     
ABYSSINIA - New York, Cleveland, North Shore   
     …Jennifer Leigh Warren, who made a memorable cameo appearance on Broadway in “Big River,” gives a broad, effective                      performance in the title role, with a vocal delivery strongly reminiscent of Stephanie Mills.- New York Times 

     …Although you’ve probably seen birds that are bigger than this expressive actor-singer, you’ve never heard one sing with her range        and delicacy of feeling. Her strength shows in the spiritual lament “Cry,” in which she places every blessed note with the accuracy of        an acrobat traversing the high-wire on point.- New York Post

     … At the Musical’s luminous heart is Jennifer Leigh Warren, a fragile woman who has no trouble looking about 13 years old. Her            Abyssinia is completely convincing, shy and innocent, then wrapped in a miserable cocoon of pain from which she can finally burst.        When she uncorks the full power of her voice, she makes the back of your neck tingle. - Cleveland Plain Dealer

     … Jennifer Leigh Warren is astonishing. Judging from her lusty renditions of gospel numbers, a great big belter inhabits the body of        this tiny, delicate-looking performer. It's something to see, and hear. - New York News Day                                                         

as Addaperle in THE WIZ.