As a trained dancer, getting callbacks for Broadway Shows and other Musicals that involve me to read sides or lines for an audition always freaked me out. I decided to try Jennifer L.W.’s coaching and what a major difference it has made in my confidence and ability to act. Jennifer L.W. had an amazing way of guiding me and letting me explore different new ways to deliver lines and be fully immersed in the character. Also Jennifer’s professionalism with her already naturally warm, bubbly and fun personality kept the coaching focused but not overwhelming letting me feel at ease and more open to try different things. With the knowledge I have gained from Jennifer’s coaching I feel prepared that I can walk into a room and deliver what is being asked of me. An overall great experience and teacher with lots of knowledge to share, plus Jennifer is still in the business so she still knows how it feels to be a working/auditioning artist. 
    -Jesse Jones (AEA & AGMA)

tailored to your needs

You know  the song, now learn how to perform it.

You know the monologue, now learn how to perform it.

You know your lines, now learn how to perform them.

You know the speech, now learn how to perform it.

You know your summation, now learn how to perform it.

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Join me in this beautiful, tranquil, positive environment where I treat you the way I, a performer, would want to be treated.